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Immigration Detention:
An America Business

June 2018 | Read more

This web resource provides an in-depth look at the tangled web of profit motives behind the “zero tolerance” policy and the corporations that spent millions fostering increasingly extreme views on immigration among elected officials to guarantee its implementation. It aggregates detailed information about the broader spectrum of corporations capitalizing on the separation and detention of families and children, from facility operators to telecom providers. Finally, it also includes eight distinct actions you can take to challenge immigration detention profiteers and links to additional resources to help you support organizations doing vital work on the ground. 

The Prison Industrial Complex: Mapping Private Sector Players

April 2018 | FULL REPORT

This report exposes over 3,100 corporations across twelve sectors that profit from the devastating mass incarceration of our nation’s marginalized communities. It aggregates critical information about these corporations to help advocates, litigators, journalists, investors, and the public fight the commercialization of justice.