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Podcast: Making Money Off Caging People


Have you ever thought about what it means to make money off of caging other people? You should. Vanguard owns 16% of Core Civic, a company with $1.7 billion in revenue that owns, manages, and operates private prisons and detention centers. Thus, millions of Americans are unknowingly invested in Core Civic through Vanguard’s extremely popular retirement accounts and mutual fund products. But private prison companies are only the tip of a much larger iceberg. Prisons and prison services are being commercialized at alarming rates. On this Episode of Voir Dire, our Director, Bianca Tylek, invites listeners not only to decide how we want our money to be invested, but more importantly to ask whether or not we’re ok with some people profiting off of the caging of others.

This podcast was part of the Voir Dire series hosted by the Criminal Justice Policy Program at Harvard Law School. Open to the public.