Notable Players

CenturyLink, Global Tel Link (GTL), ICSolutions, Legacy Inmate, PayTel, Securus, Securus/JPay, Unisys


In July 2018, Securus, a Platinum Equity portfolio company, submitted a merger application to the FCC to acquire ICSolutions, an H.I.G. Capital portfolio company. Thanks to challenges from criminal justice advocates, in April 2019, the FCC decided the deal was against public interest and blocked the merger.

In July 2018, New York City became the first city to pass legislation making all calls out of its city jails free, setting the stage for similar state and local efforts across the country and undermining the correctional telecom industry.

In September 2018, Pennsylvania became the first state to outsource mail processing to a private company. The new contract with Smart Communications is valued at $16 million over three years and introduces a new service in the telecom space.

In January 2019, an Intercept investigation revealed new surveillance technology—voice printing and voice biometrics—being used by correctional telecom giant Securus in contracted facilities. Securus is hoping to create voice databases of incarcerated people to sell to law enforcement agencies.