Immigration Detention Operator

Operations & Management

Operations & Management

Notable Players

CoreCivic, Emerald Correctional, G4S, The GEO Group, LaSalle Southwest, MTC, Sodexo


In April 2018, the administration announced the zero-tolerance immigration policy, which led to a boost in immigration detention business for the two largest private prison operators, The GEO Group and CoreCivic.

In July 2018, New York State pensions divested from private prisons.

In August 2018, Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund divested from private prisons.

In November 2018, California State Teachers’ Retirement System divested from private prisons.

In March 2019, immigration and criminal justice activists scored a major victory when J.P. Morgan Chase agreed to stop funding private prison construction.

In January 2019, California Governor Newsome announced his intentions to end the state’s use of private prisons during his inaugural speech.